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Now use WhatsApp on your tablet


WhatsApp have become one of the most used app on the smartphones and also a great part of our social life. But what happens if you own a Wi-Fi tablet? You either don’t know of WhatsApp or you are itching to find a way to use WhatsApp on your tablet. For this purpose you resort to rooting you device or ... Read More »

Download WhatsDog a spying app for WhatsApp

WhatsApp spy

Remember the good old days when the stalking was done by following a person or tapping their phone through wire? Then technology advanced and using high tech computers and advanced hacking skills you were able to monitor a person’s routine? But now even if you can’t follow your person everywhere or you don’t have mad hacking skills, no matter because ... Read More »

Lock WhatsApp conversations with Applock android

donwload free applock android

Do you live with your family and have friends too? Do you like helping them or you just say straight ‘No’? I believe we all like to do something for our families and friends. But what if they ask you to take your phone out while they need to text to their friends? Do you hesitate to hand over your ... Read More »

emoji middle finger emoticon for your texting

middle finger whatsapp

You are into texting via your phone’s default SMS app or you are a regular user of Whatsapp, facebook or any other social media tool, you must be familiar with emoticons. And one of the finest app, which has been used by almost every texting-lover is Emoji. There are already available numbers of emoticons in the inventory of Emoji app. ... Read More »

Facebook new update: Facebook background sound recognition


Facebook has been doing updates and improving its platform but not very often. And what if we tell you that facebook is now going to get an update to hear your background sounds. Would you still call it another improvement? Now, here the question arises, WhatsApp was a way to get into people’s life via their conversations and now this ... Read More »

WhatsApp Support Team reports that WhatsApp camera update is safe to have

whatsapp update

If you recently have noticed, your WhatsApp app frequently has been asking you “Allows the app to take pictures and videos with the camera. The permission allows the app to use the camera at any time without your confirmation.” That doesn’t mean they want to take your permission to take your photos and videos. Rather, it is a sweet update ... Read More »

WhatsApp Android: Make backup and restore your conversations!


WhaysApp has become one of the most used and hit app for several users to communicate and interact with each other. Billions of messages are shared on daily basis around the globe. Even Android SMS has been very much replaced by WhatsApp message services. If you are a part of this global community, then at times, you want to save ... Read More »

Animated emoticons to hit WhatsApp

whatsapp android

Finally, the long awaited feature has been launched. And Whatsapp is now getting emoticons with animations. No need to look to still emoticons, while there is an option of getting animated ones! What have you expected from new update of Whatsapp, any thoughts? Well, at this point of time, it is in beta version and still number of tests is ... Read More »

WhatsApp is going to add voice services later this year!

whatsapp 1

Have you registered your number with WhatsApp and are you a big fan of it already? WhatsApp is a big platform for chatters. Well, to increase your fan-ism; we have a very exciting news to share with you. Have you ever wanted to add a voice function into your WhatsApp app? This is the time; you have been listened because ... Read More »

How to transfer whats app messages from old android phone to new android phone

Transfer whatspp messages from galaxy s3 to galaxy s4

Most of the data transfer software including Samsung Share will transfer most of your data to your new phone but I just noticed today that the whats app messages were not transferred even when I selected everything while transferring data from note 2 to note 3. Steps to transfer whats app messages from old android phone to new android phone: ... Read More »