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Do you have an android phone? You enjoy playing with it, but what happens when it starts irritating you with annoying notifications? Your phone strike a beep alert, when you swipe your finger on gesture panel all you see, an annoyed candy crush game request from Facebook. Do you get annoyed? And suddenly, the notification panel becomes full of useless notifications. Do you want to get rid of such game requests and other irritating notifications? Do you want to see your preferred notifications like SMS messages, important Emails or other important stuff? Don’t you worry anymore; stay relaxed as we have a great solution to your problem.

What we usually do, we pin our most important things and the things we want to see more often. You can find many pin items over the internet for your android phone. Many makers of apps have considered this thing a point to ponder to have a phone with all useless notifications removed.

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PinNotif is available to help you out while you are stuck with irritating notifications. Do you want to know what exactly does PinNotif for android do? PinNotif is a tool which allows you to pin or even unpin the notifications you prefer. How does PinNotif work? PinNotif gives you a chance to hold and press-long a notification in order to exert an action of pin or unpin. Just like laptop windows, when pinned, they are there all the time no matter what, while all of your useless notifications will be removed when you tap the clear button. It is as simple as it sounds. PinNotif for android helps you preventing to ignore your important notifications while they are pinned, however at the same time you can easily ignore all of the unimportant notifications without any special move.

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PinNotif for android is contraindicated with XhaloFloating Window. You can download the app from XDA’s forum, click here.

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