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Have you tried Z Launcher yet? No? Let’s take a quick review why you should install Z Launcher when there are tons of out there. Z Launcher by Nokia is a cool app to have for hands-on experience on home screen of android phone. It manages your home screen better than other available launchers, it reduces the content of your screen and it enhances the looks of your android phone. It equips the home screen with very basic information like upper part of the screen contains time and notifications from your Calendar app. Plus, it gives you an option to display as much as six shortcuts. You can add apps, caller contacts or even web links to these shortcuts.

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Z Launcher Android

Z Launcher has very good AI, it learns from your behavior and provides you with the apps you use the most. Moreover, Z Launcher provides you with different content at different times of your each day. It learns what you do at different hours of the day and at what specific time of the day you would like to do what.

Do you know Z Launcher supports gestures for on-screen writing too? This is a very handy feature to have, it supports a feature known as Scribble. But what does Scribble do? It helps you find your apps or actions with simple writing. If you don’t have an app on your home screen you are looking for just write the first letter and it will show you a list with number of options for apps or actions. For example, if you like to open twitter app on your phone, just write “T” with your finger on the home screen and Z Launcher will give you the twitter app to open along with other apps and actions. It provides you with apps first you open the most.

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Z Launcher Gestures

At the present time, Z Launcher by Nokia is present in beta version but it is still working very fine. Due to its beta version it has not been uploaded to Google Play Store but you can get it from here. All you need to do is login with your already made Google+ account and you are good to go. Currently, non-rooted devices are supported only.

Here you go for video demo: Z Launcher android