Download Feedly android and develop your reading habit

Feedly android app

Feedly app

Do you want to see all of your favorite sites at one place instead of opening every single page? There are tons of apps, all of which offer this same feature. But how smoothly those apps run, who knows? But I can assure you that Feedly for android is a must have app, if you are looking for apps of this kind. Why? Let’s take a quick tour.

Feedly has been designed in order to provide you news feeds of your favorite sites in very sleek and elegant manner. Feedly news feed app for android supports swipe gestures. It is very smoothly optimized for both of your tablets and mobiles. The app keeps you updated via collecting all of the content from your favorite or marked sites and brings you in a very good shape to read. You can read online or can also save the articles for read later in offline mode.


Feedly android Categories

Do you want to add your favorite sites? It’s easy with Feedly. You can add any pages, just tap on the search icon and start typing. The app will show you your desired pages, tap to add and explore. You can switch views among Title only view, List view, Magazine view as well as the Card view. Feedly also suggests you pages or sites to follow as per your taste. It offers different categories which include Tech, Business, Design, Marketing, Fashion, Cooking, News, Photography, Youtube, Vimeo, Cinema and the list goes on… Save your magazines and journals.

Reading is faster and more fun with Feedly. They have made it feed you with RSS feeds, sites and Blogs in a pocket-sized platform. You can easily develop your reading habit with this Feedly.


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Regardless of which screen size you have in your pocket, Feedly will work optimally either you are on 4″ phone, a 7″ tablet or using a 10″ tablet. The UI is just great. And if you are using more than one device, the app will sync data on all the other devices if you would like to. The way it looks and the way it works, you can call it your personalized magazine.

Feedly can very easily be integrated with other apps like Pocket, Instapaper etc. You can also share your favorite posts on facebook, twitter and on google+. Download your Feedly android app today and visit via Feedly.