Download free BBM android app

Need an instant messages app for your android to improve your texting experience? BBM is one such app, which will bring your family and friends at one place via text messages chat, picture sharing, voice calls, voice notes and much more to fun.

free BBM apk

BBM android

No matter, if your all friends or family members use android phones, you can still have the fun if they have BlackBerry phones or iPhones. This app supports multiple platforms. If you have installed BBM android app, you are not in need to open the app over and over again to check the updates. It is open in the background all the time to notify you without taking any significant battery cells. Don’t wait if the other person is not available, the BBM messenger always informs you about the delivered and read messages. And if you would like to send some bubble voice messages in order to wish a quick birthday, it will allow free voice calling as well among BBM users. You can also share number of files, photos or even your important documents, if you would like to with the help of BBM android app.

BBM apk


There is a great feature for your friends and family members, if you would like to inform about your location BBM android app supports your live position on the map. You can at the same time protect your privacy. It provides you with an option to choose how you want to share your information with your contacts. It also offers you to have control, who can contact you and who can’t have the privilege to communicate with you. Use PIN codes instead of email addresses or phone numbers for well controlled system.

You can also make groups to bring same type of your people at one place. For example, you can make groups like Business Partners, Family, Friends, and Colleagues etc. for quick and easy transfer of shared messages.

You can also create new channels and invite your contacts to join in order to have specific conversation and to share your emotions.

Download free BBM android app from here and be a part of the ultimate crowd if you are not already.