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hulu android

Are you into streaming on your android phones and tablets? Well, if yes, there is a good news for you because Hulu has jus launched an app for your android phones. You are no longer in need to visit their site daily or over and over again in a day, get the android app. And there is no need to ask for subscription for your android phones and tablets. They have made streaming content freely available on hulu android app for your gadgets.

The mobile app is basically a redesign of their entire content in order to stream freely. However, previously the mobile app version didn’t support free streaming of tv shows. But when Hulu content was reached from an internet browser of your laptop or PC, Hulu offered you free streaming content with the support of ads. And you can watch number of episodes of your favorite seasons in ad supported mode. And now it’s a good news for android users, you can stream without going to your PC’s or laptops, just install hulu android app and let the fun began without spending a single bunk, are you excited?

This offer has been exclusively made to android gadget holders at this point of time. iOS gadget holders still have to wait until these hulu guys update the iOS version of Hulu app. Hulu android app still holds ads, you can freely stream the app or website’s content without spending a single penny.

This update on Google Play Store also depicts that you don’t need to be a member of Hulu Plus android app to stream the tv shows of your choice. Now a question arises here, would you be now able to watch everything that has been made available on Well, the to this question is no. However, you will be able to watch latest episodes of the running seasons, while to browse and to play rest of the content you need to subscribe Hulu Plus for your android phones and tablets.

hulu android

hulu plus

For unstoppable fun, download Hulu android app or visit