Download Notific Android to get Notifications on Lock Screen

Do you have an android phone and you get notifications most often? Every time you need to see your upcoming or recent notifications, you have to unlock your android phone to drag the notifications bar down. Even when a single notification is there, you have to unlock your phone and sometime it is just miserable!

Notific apk

Don’t worry we are here with an innovative android app, which will aid you with the unlocking problem. They call it Notific. Notific is a notification app that presents all of the available notifications on your android lock screen. No doubt, this feature has already been used by iOS users as default thing. However, this is new at android platform. So, welcome and embrace Notific android app.

Notific apkWhenever a notification strikes your phone, the dark screen will then be turned on immediately to show you the message of your notification on the lock screen. It will be accessible right from the lock screen while you have no need to unlock your phone. Moreover, you can use quick action buttons of the incoming notification, when expanded.

Notific android is very intelligent app. If you have your android phone in your pocket, the app will not turn on the screen. However, if you pick your mobile phone out, Notific will turn the screen on within some seconds. You can customize these seconds. You can consider Notific a battery friendly app. It uses proximity sensor for some seconds only. It is not only a battery friendly app but it also gives you abundant space that can be used for other apps. The usage of memory has been made highly optimized unlike other apps. If you have Nexus gadgets, proximity sensor will automatically be calibrated upon the installation. However, if you have Galaxy or Xperia gadgets, you can try calibrating the sensor from the app settings or try turning off the Pocket mode.

Notific apk


The makers of the app understand that daily you get loads of notifications, which merely belong to you not to anyone else. So, there is no privacy breaching at all. Your sensitive information is safe with Notific android app. And there is no data mining or other stuff that you should be afraid of. As there is no internet requirement for the usage of this app, so no information will extracted from your phone.

They are still developing the app, updating it on regularly basis and it’s safe to get the updates. They have been inducing new features like themes and privacy thing.

Download one of the best notifications app Notific android. For trial version click here, or go for the paid app from here.

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