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Are you in love with your Android Smartphone? And you just don’t leave it alone no matter what you do; it is always right next to you? But you can’t watch online movies and tv shows on it… Do you watch movies? C’mon, who don’t! Well, today we are here to present you with a cool app which lets you to watch movies online for free on your Android Smartphone. Yet another, it is a big catch for your Android Smartphone. Not only free movies, but also you can also stream tv shows for free. Have you ever wanted to get hands on such an app? Download Show Box for Android, it is your app. Now, no need to pay your cable guy for streaming services. Today is your day and you can download it from, this link.

download free show box for android

free download show box

So, how to install Show Box app into your Android Smartphone? Go to your Android Smartphone’s settings and enable third party installations. As, the app is not available on Google Play Store you need to install it in this way. It is safe to have it. Once you have downloaded and installed this app, you are as good as to stream and watch online stuff. It features number of movies and tv shows to stream online or to download directly into your device. You can check upcoming movies and their availability from update section. Show Box has a very huge database of movies you can have almost every movie you wish to see. Plus, you can watch trailers before even starting movies. Or go through IMDB rating and reviews, all in same place. And when the internet connection is slow, you can switch between HD to standard streaming speed, Smart Box for Android just keeps it going. If you wish to download some movie or an episode of your favorite TV show, this app has a built-in downloader just tap and download.

So, what do you think of this great app? Download Show Box for Android and let the fun begin!


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