Download WhatsDog a spying app for WhatsApp

Remember the good old days when the stalking was done by following a person or tapping their phone through wire? Then technology advanced and using high tech computers and advanced hacking skills you were able to monitor a person’s routine? But now even if you can’t follow your person everywhere or you don’t have mad hacking skills, no matter because WhatsDog app lets monitor your contacts on WhatsApp. Yes, it creepy and it’s also cool in a weird twisted way.

WhatsApp spy

WhatsDog screenshots

Second Lemon came up with the idea of WhatsDog, a watchdog for your WhatsApp. WhatsDog helps you monitor the routine in which your contact is logging in or logging out of WhatsApp. If you are not always ogling at your phone 24/7 then it conveniently sends you the notification of the contacts logging activity. WhatsDog even connects to calendar and lets you monitor the logging activity on a specific day. That’s just the tip of the iceberg because the picture doesn’t end here. WhatsDog also creates the charts and statistics of addiction level of your Spied contact detailing his/her time online and such, so no more excuses you will know every detail. After all that the person you are monitoring will remain oblivious of your actions, you can monitor your contact even if he/she have blocked you from its contact list.

WhatsDog is pretty easy to use just download and install the app, then select the contact you want to monitor by entering their phone number and wait for service activation, after that you will be notified whenever that person is online , yes that’s it, no kidding stalking is that easy. Whatsdog is a free app for limited time then you have to pay for the services to continue.

So have your hair been starting to stand on the back of your neck or is it like Christmas came early for you?

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