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I am sure, just like me a lot of you people have already thought on how to recording all calls automatically on your phone. I have always thought that this was one of the basic necessities on a mobile phone. The reason behind that is that a lot of people do business on the mobile phone. Sometimes, you place orders, sometimes you receive orders, sometimes you receive quotations and other times service promises, discounts etc but when you actually go to make that payment its hard to prove what you are saying is true.

Download Free Call Recorder for Android

Every time a situation like that came up, i have always thought that I wish I had recorded the calls. This goes back to when I had Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when I downloaded Free Call Recorder app from Google play.

Best Android Call Recorder

Download Call Recorder for Android Free

Well first things first. This is free. So that’s +1 for it from me. Then I looked at Google+ and found that over 39000 people had +1 this on Google plus. That was another +1 from me. Then I looked at its own reviews on Google play and found 46000 votes with a overall score of 4 out of 5 stars. Unbelievable. I was really surprised. Although most of the apps on Google Play are usually free, the ones that are actually useful generally cost some money if not a lot to say the least. So I was like whats the catch. I started reading reviews. I read about 30 of them on Google Play and then I got bored because all were 5 stars and I was just actually trying to find out whats wrong with it as why there is a whole star missing in the reviews section. I guess the bad reviews are from the previous versions where they might have bugs or some other performance issues.

So I downloaded the app from Google play. Here is the link if you would also like to try it.

After download, just go to the app and set call recording to on so that all incoming and out going calls are automatically recorded.

Android Call Recorder Reviews

Best Android Call Recorder

Android Call Recorder comes with a lot of features and probably you don’t even need all of them . Here are the features that I particularly liked myself.

Automatic Call Recording

Enable/Disable Call Recording

Calls recorded with date and time stamp

Identify calls with phone numbers

Search for recorded calls.

Delete recorded calls (Both selective and all)

Transfer recorded calls to computer (This will free up the space on your mobile and you can archive recorded calls on your computer)

Lock recorded call files so that they don’t get deleted automatically.

Well as far as I am concerned, I really liked this Android Call Recorder app and when I upgraded to my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the app was also installed on my new phone.


Note: The law says that if you are recording a call, the other party must be given a notice of this at the beginning of the call (similar to what we get when we call banks and other companies etc) or the call cannot be used as an evidence. I am not a law expert and you should seek independent legal opinions before acting on my advise.

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