Do you need a ride while you are on the road? Download Lyft android

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lyft android

Do you stuck somewhere on the road and need a ride? Get picked up with a friendly neighborhood driver in no time. But how you can get this excellent service? There is an app available on Google Play Store with the name of Lyft. Lyft android will help you reach at your destination in very friendly manner, and hey by the way have I mentioned your first ride is totally free up to $25, save your Play store code.

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Let’s find out how you can get a ride with Lyft android? Install the app and press the big green button that appears on the big display of your android phone. This button will generate your request to get picked up. It will check your location and the neighboring driver will be there in some time for you. You can watch your driver approaching. Track the route of incoming driver, see them approaching over your mobile – both the car and the photo of driver. It will also show you the estimated time of approach. So that, you won’t be able to miss the driver or the car. They claim to be your friends, so ride in with fistbump on the front seat as soon as you see them approaching. Reach your destination safely and rate the driver. If you give a score of 3 or below, you will never see the driver again ever and they claim this is how they maintain their quality standards. And if you are using Lyft android more than first time, then again you don’t have to carry cash along. Just pay the funds via your phone. Isn’t Lyft comes handy?

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Lyft is both friendly and affordable service to take advantage of, just tap a button and you get a car ready for your safe and time saving ride. Lyft android offers you happy hour opportunity to avail in which you can get discount of as high as 50%.

So, download the app right now to avail one of the best riding experiences with skilled and friendly drivers.