Grab Fleksy Keyboard app and enhance your typing experience.

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Do you like tapping and typing on your android? Fleksy is a useful tool to make your typing more smooth than ever. It will help you to improve your word count per minute.

If you are not good with spellings, Fleksy will help you typing accurately and in silky flow. Fleksy is flexible enough to guess and predict whatever you try to type and it tends to provide you with auto correction option. Now type and don’t look on the keyboard. Fleksy will guess for you, even if you have typed all the letters wrong. Fleksy has AI to analyze where you tap to type and predicts the words accordingly.

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fleksy keyboard

Another amazing fact about Fleksy; it helps you to use swipes gestures in order to complete tasks like punctuation, spaces, add words to your own-built dictionary and loads more. Furthermore, it helps you to personalize the outlook of the keyboard. There is an option of making your keyboard invisible; this feature will enable you to see the full screen view while typing without any errors.

Fleksy learns your typing style and save it for future aid in your typing. This option can be stored on cloud as well. It links your e-mail address to store the backup and syncs as per need.

Fleksy helps you scoring while you type. And it awards you with different badges like Invisible Master, Dash Swiper, Fleksy Bird and King of Keyboards. Get rewards and unlock new themes for your keyboard to enhance its looks. Beside this, you can even extend the trial period.

Fleksy supports number of languages like English, French, Dutch, German, as well as, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Spanish. There are other languages on which app makers are working i.e. Arabic, Hebrew, Bahasa, Pick up your language and vote here:

Fleksy doesn’t steel away your written content. So, you can pick this app without any doubts. It is available for both Android and iOS users. Pick up for your device, click here.

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