Norton Mobile Security for £3.49

Mobile security is as much important as security on the computer. In fact its more important as there have been apps reported who make calls to premium numbers and send SMS without even your knowledge and you just get a nasty surprise when you get your mobile phone bill. My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 came with a trial version of Norton Mobile security.

Buy Norton Mobile Security Cheap

Buy Norton Mobile Security for £3.49

When I was setting up my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, I setup the trial version but some of the features were locked, it was expiring soon as well and Norton wanted £29.99 for 1 user for a year. It is a bit too much for me :) so I Googled it up and resulted as cheap as £12 showed up on Google Shopping. I was still not very keen on the price. So I went back to read more about the features to see if it was worth at this price and if there was any better software in the market.

Now I have a lot of information on my phone that needs to stay secure and for starters, I would name Barclays Mobile app. This app has direct access to my bank account and it also works as pins entry which means that if someone gains access to my mobile phone he gains access to my bank account. Then I have team viewer setup with password saved for my personal computer so if someone gains access to my phone, he gets full access to my computer as well. Then there are a lot of other stuff as well. So you see there was every reason I wanted my data on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to be safe at all costs. I looked up on the internet, read reviews on Google Play and decided that okay I am going to buy this from Google Shopping for £12. When I went on Google Shopping, the company selling it for £12 was someone I have never heard about so I was a little skeptical about buying from them. I then thought then I guess I will have to pay £29.99 and buy it directly from Norton because I thought whats the point of buying the app from an unknown source as who knows the app itself might be infected. I was about the pay for it when I thought of looking for it on just before I make my purchase.

Norton Mobile Security for £3.49 This is the link that appeared on my address bar when I searched for “Norton Mobile Security” on ebay. The very first result that showed up was £3.49 with free shipping. If this does not happen to you, just make sure that you have selected “Price + p&p Lowest First” in Sort column. This will display the cheapest price by combining the item price and postage as first result.

I then thought that someone might be selling counterfeit software I guess as it cant be that cheap so I started reading about the listing on ebay. The listing was plain and simple. They said that its a physical product which they would post to me and it will come with a code that I will redeem on Norton’s own website so there is no chance of counterfeit software. Well the price of £3.49 was too good so I ordered it and it turned up 3 days later in the post. My trial version has covered me up for that period.

So I openen up the package, scratched the serial number and tried to register the trial product but the registration failed. I tried again and same thing happened. I got a little bit upset but I didn’t give up. I read the instructions that came within the package I received from ebay. It had a link to download the app from so I went there and installed the new app. During the installation it asked me to uninstall the previously installed trial app which I did and then this new Norton App was successfully installed. I then registered it using the serial number that came on the plastic card inside the package from ebay and the app got registered this time for 1 year without any problem.

When I looked at the app, it looked like a limited version or an older version was it was missing some options so I was a little disappointed but then I thought forget it. At least the android phone is protected for a year. In the evening, later on the same day, I received an update available notification for Norton Mobile Security App and I updated the app and the app updated to the latest version which originally came as trial version with the app.

It had all the features I ever wanted. For example

Remote Locate:

This feature enabled you to find your phone by going to Norton’s website which displays it on a map. If you have lost it inside the house, you can set it to “Scream” to create a noise to find it.

Remote Lock:

If you lose your phone, you can at least lock it if you have not enabled the auto locking feature.

Remote Wipe:

Sometimes, its not possible to get the phone back right? So in that case you can at least wipe the data on your phone remotely.

Sneak Peak:

If you put your Mobile phone in lost mode, it will take the pictures using the camera and upload it to Norton’s anti theft website.

Call & Text Blocker:

This one is simple. Block someone’s number from calling or even sending you a message. This is very useful for call center numbers, telesales and SMS spam companies.

Anti Virus and Internet Security:

And off course the normal stuff of checking the downloaded apps, apps activity, app’s access to private info like phone number etc.

Its now been 3 months I am using Norton Mobile Security on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and for £3.49 for a year, its an amazingly powerful and reputed mobile security software.