Now use WhatsApp on your tablet

WhatsApp have become one of the most used app on the smartphones and also a great part of our social life. But what happens if you own a Wi-Fi tablet? You either don’t know of WhatsApp or you are itching to find a way to use WhatsApp on your tablet. For this purpose you resort to rooting you device or flashing it and whatnot. Now you don’t have to worry a thing about doing these type of complex stuff for a simple app to be installed on your tablet. Here is the way you can use WhatsApp on your tablet hassle-free.

whatspp apk

WhatsApp fro Tablets

Before that please note that by this method you will be creating a new account for your tablet and if you want to use your old account for your WhatsApp you will lose it on your previous device.

First of all you need to download whatsapp from its official website. Use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to download .apk file and select the desktop version of the website. You can also just download the app on your pc and then transfer it to your tablet via usb. Go to Settings> Security> Unknown Sources to make sure that you are able to install apps from unknown sources and not Google Play.

textplus android

TextPlus app

After that install TextPlus or a similar app on your tablet depending on your region. It is an essential app which will allow you to get sms messages on you tablet and help you to authorize your tablet to use WhatsApp. After installing the app head to Settings> Contact Info to discover the number for yourself.

Now install WhatsApp and follow the instructions. When you reach the step for authorizing the number enter your number from TextPlus then you will receive a text message with authentication code for authorization of the app. When you covered these steps setup-up your WhatsApp account as you usually would and tada! Now you are able to use WhatsApp on your tablet.

Please note that you can also use the number you were previously using WhatsApp on your smartphone but then you can only use it on tablet and lose it on your smartphone.

So how was the WhatsApp experience on the tablet?