Skype Qik instant video messages

Imagine yourself in a party or on a trip and you find yourself in a moment which you just have to share with your friends or loved ones. These feelings can’t be explained in written words or recorded voices then no problem bring your smart phone up download Skype’s latest app ‘Skype Qik’ and record the video and share it with your friends instantaneously.


Skype Qik screenshots

Skype Qik is a video messenger from Skype through which you can chat through video messages. Create a group by adding a bunch of your friends and start a private chat. If your friend is not online no matter your can just record and send a five second video clip (Qik Fliks), for they will get it later.


Skype Qik smileys

If you don’t want messages from someone just block that user and he will never disturb you again. You can also create and send smileys and guess who shall be the starring for that smiley? Yes! You. Just add yourself as a smiley.

We sometimes send an inappropriate or embarrassing massage and then that little byte tortures us for the rest of our life, this happens more often than we think. So ‘Skype Qik ‘solves that problem too, you can erase your message from the chat whether it’s been seen or not. There is another problem we have to face, remove old messages from phone one by one a big hassle. In Skype Qik though you don’t have to bother with that either the messages will automatically be erased after two weeks’ time.

Skype Qik is a great app for smart phones, you can just start a conversation anytime no annoying of login usernames or passwords needed, and so you can be socially active all time. It is available for Android, Ios, and Windows phone now and for free.

So what do you think of instant video chatting?

Thanks to: androidcentral, Google Play