A video game played in real world Anki Drive is available for Android OS

Anki Drive android

Anki Drive

Finally! After a long and sleepless wait now you can divert your longing eyes from your friend’s iPhone to your own android phone because Anki Drive have launched for Android OS.

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Anki Drive

Have you ever wished that virtual car racing games and real toys collide in one place? Then Anki Drive is just for you. Anki Drive is part toy, part video game or first video game in real world. The game is pretty simple, you just roll out your track on the floor or any other smooth surface, pick your toy car, download the app on your smart phone. Then you pit your car on the track against a friend or self-driven cars in the real world. You can make your car even more deadly by customizing it with exclusive upgrades. There are two modes available for the game right now. First is race mode, a battle mode in which the first cars which achieves a set number of take-downs wins. The second one is racing mode in this mode the first race car to reach the finish line wins, but the weapons armed in the cars makes the race really fun.

There are a variety of different cars each having its own special abilities for example Boson is the fast attacker which uses gravity beam upgrade to lure its opponents directly into its line of sights. The Kourai is the agile striker which uses her exclusive Beam Disruptor that  allows her to easily blow by – then blow away – her enemies. Three types of tracks are available now Starter, Bottleneck and Crossroads. The cars use advanced and adaptable A.I system which determines its location on the track. The self-driven car carefully strategize its moves against its opponents. Android and Ios devices cannot be operated in the same track but Anki Inc. is working on it as we speak.

The app is now available for free on Google but is compatible with Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Note 3, Samsung Note4.The starter kit is available for £150.

Source: The Verge, Google Play, Anki Inc.

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