Vine update 2.5 brings you new video editing features

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vine update 2.5

If you are one of the 6-sec-video-addicts, then you should know about new Vine 2.5 update. Or are you too nerd to update your app.

Vine app is a form of a video sharing, which lets you film short instances with the help of your android phones. You can press and hold your smartphone’s screen and create a video of about a total of six seconds. You can make any of the video types you want to film or upload from your friend’s smartphone. You can both share and watch from any of the categories like comedy, news, any footage or the moments of your own life you want to share among your friends on vine’s social page or on Facebook or Twitter. You can also check that how many of the people have watched your videos or have followed or interacted with other people via your shared video.

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vine 2.5 features

Vine android app has gown through some substantial updates over the period of few months. The newest version is Vine 2.5, which brings some new features to the app. Like new camera tools that enables you to edit your videos with more advance ways than before. You can now access to your camera roll and add videos from your library as well as you can preview those videos and edit them on the spot. Does it sound amazing to you?

What else? You can also add different sets of clips in order to match and mix them together to tell your story. You can also undo the last recordings you have made earlier. Vine update 2.5 also allows you to record your videos even in low light. In the edit screen you can duplicate the clips and trim them to create the video you desire.

So, have you update your Vine app already? Tell us what do you think of the new Vine update 2.5?

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