Now TV box from SKY to convert your standard TV to a Smart TV (£9.99 One off)

Well we all are aware of the android media players that can stream media from the internet and your computer or local area network but even the cheapest that I saw on was for £30 roughly speaking. Now we all know that the cheaper devices have other issues like slow processing etc. Then while watching TV (I forgot what channel) I saw the advertisement for Now TV box from sky for a one off payment of £9.99. No contracts nothing etc and you can watch sky sports, sky movies, catch up with channels, BBC iplayer, facebook etc. Here is a picture of how they showed on the TV and I had basic idea of what it was but I decided to look at more details anyway because £9.99 was too cheap :)



Well I digged more and found out following this. Now it took me a little while to find out all this stuff but here is what I found out.

Pros of Now TV Box:

Cheap for £9.99 One off fee. Even the cheapest android player will cost a minimum of £30.

You can watch Sky Movies, Sky Sports, Entertainment channels and catch up with what you have missed without having sky subscription on pay as you go basis

You can use Facebook, BBC iPlayer, spotify etc directly on your TV. (Your TV must have an HDMI port though)

Its wireless so you do not have to worry about running down a network cable to your TV box.


Cons of Now TV Box:

The first thing I noticed was the limited choice of streaming service providers for example you cannot use Now TV box to stream movies from lovefilm etc. Because this box is the product of SKY TV, they want you to use their service for movies.

Internet is a must. This device has no functionality for local area network. You must have a decent broadband connection or else its a waste of time.

You can only install limited apps for example lets say you want to install a new android app for say Dailymotion, you cannot do that. There are only a very limited apps available from the provider and thats it.

You cannot browse and play files over local area network. For example if you have a file on your computer, say pictures or a movie from last holiday trip, you cannot play that on your TV using Now TV box.


In short, its undoubtedly cheap for being £9.99 but I would still prefer to purchase a medium range android media player over this because then I will have access to millions of apps and games and I can directly play them on my TV. Yes that would cost be about £50 to £60 but its still worth it. When new android apps would come out, I would simply be able to download them. I would also be able to browse and play files from a local area network etc.

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