Pressy button is a cool gadget to customize the world of Android phones.

When we have a smartphone, who don’t want to make it smart enough to get everything with just a single tap? We often use different apps to have access on the actions we perform very frequently. For example, we have covered a post for you to enhance functionality of your phone’s volume button. Or sometimes, we even use shortcuts apps to have access directly from home or lock screens. But, today we are here with a cool gadget, which will take the use of your smartphone to an entirely next level. This gadget is known as Pressy.

pressy android

pressy android


Do you want to know what Pressy is? They call it “The Almighty Android Button”. It is a tiny hardware button intended for android gadgets only. It has not been made for iOS users, the privilege of the usage has been limited to android gadget holders.Pressy can be inserted into the hole where you insert audio jack to listen to the music. Pressy is a very cool gadget for your android smartphones and tablets with a support app. The gadget has a button on its head, which can be pressed so that, you can set loads of customized actions as per your need.

With the help of Pressy android, a whole range of actions alone or in combinations can be set to your gadget. You can take advantage of the gadget with actions like launching an app, taking photos or recording videos, turning on the flashlight. Do you need to record a call, Pressy will help you with it. Along with other regular shortcuts like Wi-Fi toggle, Bluetooth on/off system or Location, you can also have control on your phone’s music with the help of Pressy. Do you want to make a check-in using your social networking apps; you can have it via Pressy android.

If there is a doubt, you can listen to your songs or answer your phone calls when Pressy is inserted? The answer is definitely yes, you can go with these options when this tiny gadget is in the audio hub of your android phones or tablets.

Currently, Pressy has been made available in black, white, red and blue color. Pick up the gadget as per your taste just for $27. Right after placing an order, they will ship you Pressy within two weeks.

pressy android

pressy deals

For more details, you can visit their site from here.