Replace your all debit or credit cards with Coin card and swipe around!


coin card

Do you carry plastic money wherever you go? And for that, you have to keep all of your card types with you in your pocket that may include business cards, personal cards etc – all in the shape of debit or credit cards. What if you can replace all of these cards with just a single one, and which is even more safe and handy? They call it coin.

Coin is a card shaped device with a size that can reside easily in your wallet to replace all the other cards and it makes your wallet burden-free. It digitally stores data of as much as eight cards that may include credit, debit, gift card or any of your membership cards. But how you can manage all these cards with a single card i.e. coin? The coin card simply works with magnetic strip and it determines your card type. You can switch between your card types by pressing a small button present on the coin. Press the button to select card of your choice and swipe. That’s all it needed to work.

You can swipe coin card to any of the available readers even if your phone supports swipe device, you can use your phone as an ATM magnetic stripe reader. The makers of the gadget are shipping it with a very small reader. You can use it to scan your coin card with the help of coin android app or iOS app. The card syncs with that small device with the help of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. Don’t worry, if you are afraid of leaving your coin behind at the restaurant you just had lunch at. As the card has been made to use BLE technology, so it will send at your phone signals to remind you of the card with a beep integrated message.

They are ready for pre-orders to ship in 2015. Currently, the Coin is available with 25% off and there are left only 22 days as of today. That means you can get the coin card for $75 instead of $100 exclusive of sales tax and shipping cost. Don’t forget to read about their shipping terms and conditions. For more information, visit.

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coin card