StickNFind offers Bluetooth Sticker to find your Keys

Bluetooth Sticker android

StickNfind Bluetooth Sticker

Do you get irritated at times like when you are getting late and you are not able to find your car keys? Get Stick-N-Find’s Bluetooth sticker and get irritated never. It is a very handy and useful tool to track your stuff. It supports a very small Bluetooth sticker which sticks with the device you want to track from your phone and let’s you find it whenever it is lost. Let’s find out more of its features.

The provided stickers is ultra-small Bluetooth enabled in order to find out the exact location of whatever you want to locate within a specific range. With the help of Stick-N-Find android app, you will never leave your stuff behind to lose. Track your luggage or your valuable stuff without the fear of losing them.

Samsung StickNfind Bluetooth Sticker

StickNfind Bluetooth Sticker

Do you want to know about size of the Bluetooth sticker? You will be surprised to know that it is around the size of a quarter only. The size of as thin as 4.1mm or 0.16 inches makes it enabled to stick anywhere you want. Stick it and open the radar on your android phone. If you are not able to find your car keys, you will now be able to track them with such a nice utility to get notified within the specific range. They have made it very user friendly Bluetooth sticker, in case you are not able to locate your stuff you can Buzz it. And still you are finding difficulty to see your keys or stuff, you can flash the lights of the sticker. Or turn on the Buzz and the Flash, both at the same time as per your convenience. So, your stuff is both safe and easy to locate with the help of smart Bluetooth sticker and Stick-N-Find android app.

sticknfind bluetooth sticker

sticknfind bluetooth sticker

The app supports a very useful feature known as Virtual Leash. It enables you to create a virtual Leash on a sticker as the maker of the app says. And if the sticker changes the location or moves away from the specific range, the app will beep an alarm. Your phone will also give a beep whenever you will come within the range of your sticker. It will be of use when you are not able to locate the sticker.

Currently, you can run Stick-N-Find android app with compatible Bluetooth 4.0 BLE devices like Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 3, Galaxy S3 Mini, Galaxy S4, S4 Active, S4 mini, Galaxy Camera, Galaxy Note 8 or Samsung devices, which runs Android 4.1.1, 4.1.2 and 4.2.x only.

Download StickNFind – Samsung from here and click to learn more.

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