Track your day and night for your physical fitness with the help of UP24

Just like old times, do you need a gadget that monitors your physical activities like Nike and iPod? Or do you need a health band? Here you go, Jawbone offers you a healthy option in terms of The Up System, UP24. It has a wristband and an integrated app for your android phone. You can track your daily movements and even sleep patterns with the help of this wristband in the background.

up24 colors

up24 by Jawbone

How does UP24 by Jawbone works?

It stays connected throughout the day and night and gives you a real time experience while providing you with feedback. Notifications will help you to develop a better level of understanding with your progress throughout the day. The home screen will act as dashboard to review what you and your friends are up to. It syncs with your android phone with the help of an app. And this app displays your data over the android screen and helps you adding different things like meals and moods etc.

This intelligent device has been engineered to monitor how we spend our daily lives. And, it helps to locate where we need improvements in order to have an active life style. You can track you weight and access food libraries. Even you can track your caffeine intake. It has specialized app for this purpose.  There is an option to map your bicycle rides on regular basis. All this is integrated with the app of your android phone.

Who can run UP24 by Jawbone?

If you have Android phone with Bluetooth 4.0, you are eligible to get this experience.

UP24 comes in six different colors and there are available three different sizes to choose from according to your wrist size.  Take a look:-


up24 sizes by Jawbone


So tell us what do you think of this UP24 by Jawbone and its real time integrated function with your android phone? Share in the comment section below.

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