Asphalt Overdrive to hit Android this Thursday, who is ready for the test drive?

It’s been a while ago, E3 2014 has sparked with number of titles. Among them, for mobile gamers Asphalt Overdrive has been a big charm since then. And finally one of the best game studios, Gameloft is giving us yet another addiction (after Asphalt Airborne) in its highly acclaimed racing series, this Thursday on September 25th. Yes you guessed it right, Asphalt Overdrive will be available this Thursday on android, iOS and Windows phones for free!

This game differs from the traditional asphalt games in many ways the portrait orientation for instance. Asphalt overdrive is the only playable in portrait orientation of your devices, which also indicates that the control scheme of Asphalt overdrive will be a little different too. You can play this game by swiping your finger left and right to change lanes and other gestures are included as well. Visually this game looks stunning, the rich and detailed environment together with the retro themed looks give off a unique experience. It is an example of find blend of retro 80’s theme and the old fashioned soundtracks with superb visuals. This will deeply enhance the overall game play experience.

asphalt overdrive apk

asphalt overdrive

Asphalt Overdrive isn’t anything like its predecessors; rather it is more of a Temple Run like but with more crazy and fun stuff. The tracks are a treat as you drive through them. Even you can easily be driving through, they offer challenges like ramps to jump off and give you chance to do crazy stunts. Aggressive cops are there to chase you as well so be sharp and don’t smash civil drivers on your way. There is a variety of different cars with number of customizable options. But for that, you have to earn money while winning races and dodging cops. Pick up your favourite car, upgrade its gears and engine to enhance the performance or just pimp your ride by changing colours. Add decals or just write something cool on your license plate (like ninja 101 or whatever man…).

Anyway asphalt overdrive is a wonderful looking entry to the asphalt series and we are excited about its launch date. Are you as excited as we are for September the 25th 2014?

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