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overkill mafia

Have you been looking for some cool classical thing to spend some time with? Take an experience of arcade shooter in mafia style in full comic graphics regardless you have an android smartphone or even tablet.

The heroic story begins in streets of Chicago, which tells about a new star. Everyone speaks their own language but about him they say, he is smart and gritty. He is coldblooded and ready to move as far as he has to go. And he has traveled a long journey and still has to go long too far, where his journey ends, who knows! But what everyone familiar with is, he has a scar on his face.

That was his story, what would be yours? Make your own story through the streets of Chicago and build your territories around. Eliminate whoever comes in the way to become Godfather. Prove you are the legend of this Mafia World. Shoot to establish your way from the streets to the top notch ranks of mafia and show them who you are!

Spare no one as the streets of Chicago are crowded with mobs, thugs and lowlifes. Realize your own potential, seize the day and show these ruthless wannabee’s where they actually belong.

Are you ready to deal with these so called street smarts? Treat them in their way, you need to do those all dirty tricks like bribe, extort and threaten. Get yourself together to face them and come out in the streets of Chicago to clip whoever even tries to bring you down.

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Pick up extra ammos, fill the magazines of the gun you are handed over with and jump into the ban area. Overkill Mafia android is the platform where you can become a legendary gangster. If you feel like they have come for you, throw your cocktail, take your gun out and don’t spare the gang.  Shoot and win street reputation battles and be indulged in the noir graphics of Chicago and get the feeling of 1920s era with tasteful soundtracks.

It is one of the best available mafia games android. Be the part of Overkill Mafia android and be legendary gangster!

overkill mafia apk

Download Overkill Mafia android.