Download Timberman android and get Retro Games Experience

Tiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmbbbbbeeeeeeerrrrrrrr !! … We used to hear that sound in many cartoon movies and cartoon TV shows in childhood. Do you remember that sound? It really crept me out in my childhood. Like why the hell they used such words while holding an axe in their hands and cutting a tree down? It reminds me of my favorite TV show Loony Toons. And there is such an app too in which you will be a timberman and ready to cut timber down. It is an old school game.

download timberman apk

gameplay – timberman android

Timberman is a brand new android game, which has no fancy graphics or deep 3D views. But it is a simple 8 bit graphics game with very indulging game play. Timberman android has an arcade-style game play that you don’t want to miss. There is no such thing as tutorial yet you can expertise your skill during the game play. The game is full of obstacles you need to dodge while you need a control on your nerves to get higher on the leaderboard. All you need to do is cut down the endless timber but keep dodging the upcoming branches. Keep tapping the left or right buttons to dodge the obstacle of branches. Make sure you don’t hit any of the upcoming branches to keep increasing your score in very much limited time. Is it simple enough? Try it and share your score.

Timberman android and iOS app is free to download from Google Play Store and App Store respectively. For android gadgets, you should have Android 2.2 or later to run the app where as for iOS gadgets you need to have iOS 4.3 or later. However, Timberman android and iOS apps have some features to unlock and an ad free version that comes in the price of $0.99.

download timberman apk

unlocks – timberman android

On GooglePlay Store, Timberman android has reached more than 43,000 reviews with rating 4.4. And currently, over 1 million android gadgets has been running this app. You can also be the part of crowd to get hands-on experience. Download Timberman android for free from here and get retro games experience.